Affiliate kinh doanh is big business & is growing by the day. In fact, it is estimated that affiliate kinh doanh spending in the US will reach $8.2 billion in 2022 compared to the $5.4 billion spent in 2017. It sometimes seems that everyone is getting in on the affiliate game, from và influencers to lớn tech experts and academics. 

Doing affiliate sale is one thing, but doing it successfully is another. Many choose to partner with global giants such as Amazon or e
Bay while others look to lớn the growing numbers of partner kinh doanh programs to boost their revenue potentials. 

Affiliate marketers aim khổng lồ use every tool possible to lớn boost their campaigns and, with the continuing growth of automation across the e-commerce sector, one major tool that can assist you is chatbots. If you are new to the sector, you may wonder what chatbots are and what they can vị for you. How bởi vì chatbots help your campaign and how can you use them efficiently?

What are chatbots? 


A chatbot is a program that is increasingly being used by companies operating online or who offer customer tư vấn and service via phone. It is powered by AI (artificial intelligence) và utilizes ML (machine learning) and NLP (natural language processing) khổng lồ simulate a conversation during customer interaction và to streamline the process. 

Companies can use chatbots across a range of platforms, from your company’s website or mobile ứng dụng to your messaging apps, social media platforms, and your phone or virtual telephone number. They can be used for different reasons, from guiding a customer through the sales process lớn harvesting information so that they can direct someone to the appropriate support team or sales team. 

There are two types of chatbots: mở cửa and closed. 

An mở cửa chatbot processes & learns from conversations & interactions and its efficiency will improve over time. However, they need to be properly programmed & “trained” or they can lead to a poor customer experience. A closed chatbot follows a mix script that may have little AI intervention & have limited use. 

Questions khổng lồ ask 

1. Are you on the right platform?


One of the first things khổng lồ consider is whether you are on the right platform và whether it will encourage & help with automation. Contrary lớn belief, platform migration is fairly simple, and moving to a platform like Affise brings a host of benefits, including detailed real-time analytics of essential KPIs và metrics, easily-integrated automation, & a host of other helpful features. 

2. Embrace AI: what can you add? 

AI is no longer the future; it is the present. If you have chosen performance marketing, whether as a primary career or as a secondary income, then AI can offer enormous benefits. These can include better mobile advertising, better ad campaigns, và more insights into your analytics. 

3. Embrace AI: what’s already there? 

Partnership sale already utilizes a number of AI-driven features that can enhance & boost your kinh doanh efforts and produce tangible results. These include: 

Smart links. As you grow, the last thing you want is lots of separate liên kết for what you offer. AI smartlinks mean anyone you partner with gets a single link for all offers. The AI uses an ML algorithm khổng lồ choose what offer is shown to lớn individual users. 

And so, Chatbots…


So, you have already made the move into performance marketing, researched what an affiliate program is, và have started seeing positive results. Now you want khổng lồ take things up a level và look at ways of boosting the partner marketing programs you are involved in and your customer engagement levels. You have read about these “chatbots” và want lớn see if they could work. 

You already know that live chat is a great way of connecting with your customers, lớn boost your lead generation strategies, & of course, khổng lồ increase your conversion rates. However, having human agents available 24/7 is not practical or affordable if you’re a smaller business without the resources of giants like Amazon.

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One thing many people worry about is that they lack the technical knowledge to lớn implement AI chatbots on their platforms. Fear not! You vày not need lớn know coding and you don’t need any technical knowledge to get started. Companies such as offer easy-build chatbot systems that can have you up and running in no time at all. 

Create your ideal chatbot system then implement it on any channels you currently use, including Whats
App, Facebook Messenger, Kik, your website, or any communication platform with an API (Application Programming Interface). Once up and running, it can begin to deal with customer requests & queries. 

What’s next? 

Once you have built your basic chatbots, you can decide what you want khổng lồ use them for (or use multiple chatbots for different tasks) then start to integrate them into your existing systems. Think of your chatbot as an empty vessel that you will now fill with information. Let’s take a look at how to do exactly that.

Choose your affiliate products


Let’s assume you’re going to use your chatbots to generate qualified leads và boost sales. People choose particular products for different reasons. It may be purely that they think a hàng hóa will be a good seller, they may have in-depth knowledge of the sector, they may choose products that pay a high commission, or they may have a genuine love for that product and its category. 

For example, let’s say that you write about CPaa
S (communications platforms as a service). You have used those as a springboard khổng lồ move into partnership sale with CPaa
S providers and have used things like backlinks in such as “What is CPaa
S?” khổng lồ strengthen SEO. Now you can move forward & start having your chatbots initiate conversations about related products. 

2. Q&As

One of the simplest conversations that can be initiated using a chatbot is a simple Q&A session that can be undertaken by even the most basic of chatbots. By asking a series of simple questions, your chatbot can recognize what a particular customer is looking for & can guide them khổng lồ their search subject. 

For example, if you are selling CPaa
S related products, your chabot may ask: “Are you interested in a multi line phone service”. If the customer answers “Yes”, then you can guide them straight to lớn the relevant page that giao dịch with that service. If they say “No”, then you can move onto the next question.

3. Links 

If you want lucrative payouts from your partnership program, then people need khổng lồ spend. Và they need to buy based on the liên kết you provide. Some link may be lớn further useful information on a particular subject but your chatbots work in providing affiliate liên kết that take the customer directly to lớn a landing page where they’ll hopefully make a purchase. 

4. Tương tác details 

Source (

Another highly useful function your chatbots can perform is to lớn collect contact details from the customer. We may be living in a digital world full of automation but email kinh doanh remains a highly effective tool (that can also be automated). Email marketing gives an average return of $36 for every $1 spent, so it’s definitely worth building an email list và segmenting it according to lớn different demographics.

Don’t simply ask for an thư điện tử address from a first time visitor: make the offer sound exciting by telling the customer what they can expect from you in emails, for example: “Sign up khổng lồ our subscriber menu now for exclusive content and special offers”. Building a large list & engaging with your subscribers regularly can help build both trust & traffic as well as boosting your tiếp thị liên kết income. 

Benefits of chatbots

Will chatbots really make a difference to lớn your performance marketing? The answer to lớn that is a resounding yes. One of the biggest challenges a new or growing tiếp thị liên kết marketer faces is how to lớn attract new customers. Chatbot use can offer advantages in a number of ways:

1. SEO (search engine optimization)

By using chatbots for SEO, you automate some of the tedious tasks your staff would usually undertake. There is a cyclical process whereby people finding your site more often will boost your search engine rankings meaning that more people find your site. 

2. Better customer service

Bots may not be able lớn answer every customer query but they can guide customers lớn resources that can. For example, a customer has made a purchase from a site & has not been offered any tracking information. Your bots can direct the customer to lớn a relevant links or page that shows the current status of his order. 

Your bots can khuyến mãi with many simple customer questions using info stored in your knowledge base or, where it does not have the capacity to lớn answer, it can pass the query on khổng lồ a human agent whether live via chat or phone or, in the case of out of hours queries, khổng lồ be answered by e-mail or a callback. They can giảm giá khuyến mãi with the most common FAQs. 

3. Lower bounce rate

Whether your tỷ lệ thoát rate is high or low depends on what your page is. For a, a high bounce rate is acceptable, but for an ecommerce site, you don’t want it too high for obvious reasons. An average bounce rate for an ecommerce trang web is around 47%.

You need khổng lồ recognize that people have short attention spans. In fact, some studies suggest that those attention spans are decreasing so you need khổng lồ capture people’s attention quickly. Chatbots are a great way of capturing that attention & initiating a conversation that will engage the customer and ideally lead to lớn a conversion, thus reducing your overall bounce rate. 

4. More time on your site

The longer website visitors spend on your site, the better you engage with them, và the more likely they are to make a purchase. Chatbots are a great tool for engaging with customers and encouraging them khổng lồ spend more time, & hopefully money, on your site. 

They can guide them to lớn areas of interest, suggest relevant or related products, and make for a better customer experience. By providing a great customer journey, you not only help to lớn boost conversions, but you can also reduce your churn rate. 


Building a successful partner sale program is not something that happens overnight. You need to lớn consider different approaches & strategies that build và engage an audience. You may include factors such as trang web personalization, automated thư điện tử marketing, and, of course, chatbots lớn build a full-service partner marketing strategy.

Your two main aims with your partner kinh doanh program are lớn maximize revenue and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Chatbots, with or without a virtual assistant, aregreat toolsthat can help you achieve those goals. Choosing a good platform is also a big help, and looking at best use cases can help steer you in the right direction.

Chatbots can answer questions on everything from pricing khổng lồ shipping status. They reduce the need for human interaction while not reducing the màn chơi of customer service provided. Chatbot technology has come a long way in recent years and will continue lớn evolve. Business growth needs khổng lồ encompass conversational marketing and ongoing chatbot development helps with that.

With ecommerce và performance kinh doanh becoming increasingly competitive sectors, you want every tool and strategy you can utilize to lớn stay ahead of your competitors. Chatbots are only one part of that puzzle and you should look at anything that may help, including partnership relationship management. The future is here, và if you don’t embrace it, you may be left behind.

Every day, thousands of publishers benefit from a recurring cash inflow by partnering up with other companies via tiếp thị liên kết programs.


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your, especially when you don"t sell products or services. Joining an affiliate program can get you exclusive access lớn new nội dung and special giao dịch for your audience — all while earning you more money.


There are many types of tiếp thị liên kết programs, ranging from online courses lớn website builders to sale and business affiliates. Here, we"re going khổng lồ explore the best tiếp thị liên kết programs with the highest earning potential lớn ensure you can make money off the nội dung you provide.

But first — what exactly is an affiliate program?

What is an tiếp thị liên kết Program?

An affiliate program is an agreement in which a business pays another business or influencer ("the affiliate") a commission for sending traffic and/or sales their way. This can be achieved through website content, social media, or a hàng hóa integration.

To further understand affiliate programs, let"s consider an example., a new york Times company, is a website that lists product recommendations for shoppers. Wirecutter largely earns commission based on tiếp thị liên kết relationships with retailers.

The publication’s affiliate monetization mã sản phẩm might make you doubt the legitimacy of its recommendations — but, in fact, it"s quite the opposite.

Wirecutter only makes commission when a reader purchases a product from an tiếp thị liên kết retailer and doesn"t return the product. Wirecutter, then, has no incentive to promote inferior products. If they did, they"d make less money & turn away readers.

How vì chưng affiliates make money?

The tiếp thị liên kết gets a unique link (an "affiliate link") from which clicks can be tracked — typically using cookies. The cookie then tracks the user to see if they make a purchase. If they vị within an allotted amount of time, then the affiliate will earn commission.

Each cookie has a "length" or "cookie life", which simply defines how long the cookie will be tracking the user"s online activity.

For example, if a cookie has a 30-day life, your referral needs lớn make a purchase within 30-days of clicking your affiliate links in order for you khổng lồ get paid — otherwise the lead will no longer be trackable.

If you’re interested in starting an tiếp thị liên kết program, there are different types of tiếp thị liên kết programs, and you"ll want khổng lồ pick the one best-suited for your business. Let"s dive into the types of tiếp thị liên kết programs, next.

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Affiliate sale Templates

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Types of tiếp thị liên kết Programs

If you"re looking to lớn promote products or services, there are a few affiliate programs you can consider. When choosing an tiếp thị liên kết program, you"ll want to keep in mind the avenues or platforms where your audience spends the majority of their time.

For instance, does your buyer persona typically read posts, scroll Facebook, or use tìm kiếm engines when researching new products?

Alternatively, is your buyer persona someone who"s always looking for a good deal, và would appreciate a links on a coupon site? Or are they more interested in doing tons of research before purchasing, making your promotion efforts more worthwhile on a nhận xét site?

While those are questions you"ll have to consider for yourself, let"s take a look at some general types of affiliate programs so you can begin brainstorming potential avenues for your own kinh doanh efforts:

Search Affiliates

With this program, marketers pay their own money lớn promote tiếp thị liên kết offers on search results or other online advertising platforms like Facebook Advertising. This is a great option for marketers with an SEO background và want to lớn A/B thử nghiệm to see which ads result in the most referrals — & ROI.

Influencer Programs

If you’re a or social media influencer who engages with a specific audience, consider partnering with a company whose products would appeal khổng lồ them.

For instance, if you are a food or You
Tube influencer who creates recipe content, consider partnering with a company that sells kitchen appliances by featuring their sản phẩm in your content in exchange for commission for every sản phẩm sold via your tiếp thị liên kết link.

Ideally, this would result in additional revenue if your audience likes the products you’re promoting.

Review Sites

Blind buying products online can be daunting for consumers, which is why they often turn to review sites during the buyer’s journey so they can conduct research before purchasing.

Review sites partner with individual companies or tiếp thị liên kết networks to đánh giá products and services in exchange for an tiếp thị liên kết link.

Coupon Sites

Similar to đánh giá sites, coupon sites partner with companies khổng lồ provide buyers with discounts on products và services in exchange for a kickback.

Email Marketing

This is best in small doses. You don"t want lớn send out bulk emails to lớn an audience who isn’t interested in promoted products or services. However, with proper consideration for who"s receiving the email, this could be an effective method.

For instance, if you work for a marketing agency, you could partner with a company that sells kiến thiết tools và include an affiliate within emails you send khổng lồ design clients. This could help your clients create higher-quality nội dung while providing an added source of revenue.

Best affiliate Programs

Spot Elementor Moosend AWeber Sendinblue Convert
Kit Get
Response Fiverr Pabbly Unbounce Constant tương tác Typeform Outgrow Instapage Thinkific Kajabi Teachable i
Spring Shopify Leadpages Wix Crowdbotics WP Engine Kinsta Bluehost Hostgator Green
Geeks Target Hammacher Schlemmer Spocket Ulta Sephora Fragrance bảo hành Cosmetics Boatbookings Cheapflights Momondo Sandals Resorts Acorns Sage Financials

Don’t have time to lớn look through all of the programs? We’ve divided this danh mục into several subsections:

Let"s get started.

Best kinh doanh and Business affiliate Programs

1. Hub


Commission: 15% recurring for 1 year or 100% of the first month’s revenue

Cookie life: 90 days

Payout Methods: Your preferred method

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: One sign-up

Spot"s mission is to lớn help millions of organizations grow better. Hub
Spot"s award-winning CRM platform — which is comprised of sale Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub, và a powerful miễn phí CRM — gives thousands of companies the tools they need lớn manage the customer experience — all the way from awareness lớn advocacy.

As a Hub
Spot affiliate, you have the choice between a 15% recurring rate for up to one year or a flat rate corresponding lớn 100% of the first month’s revenue.

Spot’s plans range from $50 all the way up to lớn $3,000+ per month. & it is not uncommon for customers lớn purchase more than one product at a time. So these payouts could quickly add up.

When you join Hub
Spot"s tiếp thị liên kết program, you gain access to lớn a large creative inventory, including chạy thử videos, banners, & copy examples, all designed lớn help you earn the most commission possible. Plus, you can cultivate a one-on-one relationship with the Hub
Spot affiliate team, whose members are all dedicated to helping you succeed.

This affiliate Program is Best For, publishers, and content creators who share nội dung about marketing, sales, service, website, và operations for small businesses, enterprises, & individual professionals. This may include any subtopics, such as social media marketing or inbound sales tactics.

If you have a large business audience or want khổng lồ monetize your content, then our affiliate program is likely well-suited for you. (You can learn more about Hub
Spot by reading Hub
Spot reviews.)

2. Elementor


Commission: 50% per sale

Cookie life: 45 days

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal or your preferred method

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $200

Elementor is a dynamic drag-and-drop trang web builder used to lớn create more than 7% of all the world"s websites. With hundreds of widgets, integrations, trang web templates, và design tools, Elementor users can customize và scale their Word
Press website-building process without writing a single line of code.

Unique amongst Word
Press website builders, Elementor now offers cloud hosting features, as well.

Yet, Elementor is more than simple software — it has 100k members in its online community where website creators share advice, host meetups, & push each other to professional growth.

Elementor affiliates earn 50% per sale. The software has five pricing packages, ranging from $49 to lớn $999 per year. This broad array of pricing tiers makes it easier for affiliates to lớn strategically market various plans lớn specific audiences.

With notable affiliates earning north of $10,000 a month, Elementor is an attractive option to consider.

This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For, publishers, and nội dung creators who share nội dung about website design, Word
Press, và digital creation. It’s also an excellent fit for agencies, educators, entrepreneurs, và even developers who’d like their clients lớn purchase a version of Elementor.

3. Moosend


Commission: 30% lớn 40% Lifetime Recurring

Cookie life: 90 days

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal or Stripe

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $5

Moosend is an affordable all-in-one email sale automation solution that enables marketers lớn promote their business và increase their customer base with engaging campaigns.

Apart from the user-friendly e-mail editor, you’ll get access khổng lồ online forms, landing pages, audience management tools, segmentation, và personalization features to turn your subscribers into loyal advocates of your brand.

Moosend’s tiếp thị liên kết program allows you khổng lồ earn up lớn 40% lifetime recurring commission on every plan your contacts buy. Moreover, the 90-day cookie will give your audience the time they need lớn make a purchase, while you can earn extra commissions when your contact upgrades their plan.

Moosend affiliates can benefit from the pre-made materials (banners, templates, etc.) and available resources found in their tiếp thị liên kết dashboard. The tiếp thị liên kết team is also ready to assist và help solve problems that may arise.

This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For, publishers, and nội dung creators who share content about email sale and automation. Because of Moosend’s budget-friendly prices, we highly recommend it if your audience is made up of entrepreneurs, freelancers, & small businesses.

4. AWeber

Commission: Up to 50% lifetime recurring

Cookie life: One year

Payout Methods: Pay

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $30

AWeber has been the autoresponder of choice for over one million businesses & entrepreneurs since 1998. It"s a great tool for newsletter and email drip campaigns.

AWeber offers a tiered affiliate program. The more you sell, the more you can earn. If you refer up to 10 accounts in one year, you’ll earn 30% commission. If you refer 10 or more customers, you’ll earn 40%. Và if you refer 50 or more customers, you’ll get 50%. Pretty sweet, right?

Affiliates of AWeber can earn substantial income through two different channels:

This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For, publishers, and content creators who share content about email marketing and automation.

5. Sendinblue


Commission: €5 when a referred user creates a không tính tiền account + €100 if that user buys a subscription

Cookie life: 90 days

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal or bank transfer

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: One sign-up

Sendinblue is an all-in-one digital kinh doanh platform that helps businesses connect with customers via e-mail marketing, SMS, chat, sale automation, CRM, and more. This user-friendly tool is rapidly growing in popularity with over 175,000 users worldwide.

Sendinblue’s partner program has three different streams: one for, one for agencies, & one for incubators and venture capitalists. For most, we recommend the option, unless you’re an agency that would like to start using Sendinblue with clients.

In the program, you’ll get a flat €5 for each free signup — so even if the customer doesn’t buy a subscription, you’ll still earn! You’ll also be able khổng lồ track your earnings in real time & get paid monthly. Even more, you’ll get €100 every time you refer a paying customer & join a network of đứng đầu affiliates like WPBeginner, Capterra, Codein
WP, emailvendorselection, emailtooltester, & many more.

Note: Even though the payout is in euros, the program is open to the United States & your commission will be converted based on currency rates at the time of the payment.

This affiliate Program is Best For

Sendinblue’s không tính tiền and affordable pricing plans make it a very attractive revenue opportunity for and publishers in the email sale space. We especially recommend it if you write for freelancers or professionals with side hustles who want khổng lồ try email marketing without paying for a tool.

6. Convert

Commission: 30% recurring for 24 months

Cookie life: 30 days

Payout Methods: Pay

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: One sign-up

A new up-and-comer in the email kinh doanh field, Convert
Kit helps its customers grow their customer base via landing pages, forms, and e-mail drip campaigns. (You can learn more about Convert
Kit by reading reviews.)

Kit"s tiếp thị liên kết program is primarily addressed lớn existing Convert
Kit users who feel their audience could benefit from email kinh doanh products. The program offers a lifelong 30% commission for every referred paying customer or webinar subscriber.

With plans ranging anywhere from $29 per month all the way to lớn $2,000+, the income potential is a very attractive offer, and it costs you absolutely nothing to join the program.

The program does not, however, offer any special đơn hàng or discounts for any hàng hóa the affiliate might promote.

This affiliate Program is Best For

Writers,, and nội dung creators whose audience is interested in starting their own newsletter or side business. Convert
Kit’s không tính phí and affordable subscriptions make it a great choice for anyone just starting out with thư điện tử marketing.

7. Get


Commission: $100 for every sale referred, or 33% of recurring subscriptions

Cookie life: 120 days

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal, USD check, ACH, Eurotransfer, or other payment method

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: One sign-up

Along with email marketing, Get
Response offers landing pages, opt-in forms, webinar hosting, a CRM tool, và plenty of other sale automation tools. (You can learn more about Get
Response by reading reviews.)

The product has two sign-up tiers: For everyone, including individuals, and for medium-to-large companies. Of the two, the “Everyone” tier is easier to lớn market to the public, so when signing up for this program, think of ways you can incorporate mentions of Get
Response’s plans for individuals và small businesses.

Just like AWeber, Get
Response has two tiếp thị liên kết programs you can choose from (or, you can join both!):

Their self-hosted program offers a 33% recurring commission. With plans ranging anywhere from $15 lớn $1,200/month, the payout can be pretty substantial.This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For, nội dung creators, publishers, sale consultants, & online sale experts who publish content for small businesses and freelancers.

8. Fiverr


Commission: $15-150 per referral; or $10 + 10% recurring for 12 months; or another commission option depending on the product

Cookie life: 30 days

Payout Methods: Your preferred method

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $100

Fiverr has a few products you might promote on your own website or — including Fiverr (the freelance marketplace with digital services for everything from sale to tech), Fiverr Pro (access to hand-vetted talent trusted by major brands), và Fiverr Learn (courses for freelancers & businesses looking lớn expand their skills).

If you work with clients who might need to lớn hire a freelancer for marketing, design, or tech skills, or you write a for entrepreneurs and want to lớn promote Fiverr Learn, you might want lớn consider partnering with Fiverr.

The popular site, with over 5.5 million users, offers affiliates a dashboard to lớn manage and monitor campaigns, & creative assets khổng lồ help you promote their services. Of course, commission varies depending on the service you want lớn promote. Take a look at their full offerings here.

This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For

Content creators whose audience could use Fiverr’s services — for instance, if you create You
Tube videos for small businesses who would benefit from hiring freelancers. We recommend looking at Fiverr’s library of products lớn find out what would best resonate with your audience.

9. Pabbly


Commission: 30% lifetime recurring

Cookie life: 365 days

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal, ngân hàng Transfer, or Both

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $50

Pabbly is an online platform that offers multiple marketing and business management tools for e-mail marketing, form building, subscription-billing, e-mail verification, workflow automation, and app integration. The most popular package is Pabbly Plus — a cost-effective bundle of all the Pabbly applications.

Unique features of their affiliate program include:

You can promote all or any of their products to lớn get a 30% commission within 40 days of the sale.They track sales of all their products using a single cookie. So whatever product you promote, it will get you a commission on the sale of all the products purchased through your affiliate link. Also, this will save you from referring each sản phẩm separately khổng lồ your audience.A single sale of Pabbly products can provide you the minimum commission of $183.

Additionally, they provide a single dashboard for monitoring sales, allowing you to view all your commission-related details — such as sales, referrals, và payouts — in a single place.

This affiliate Program is Best For, website owners, or social truyền thông experts whose audience would like to try email marketing. Due to its subscription billing tool, Pabbly is especially useful if your audience is interested in starting a subscription service or newsletter.

10. Unbounce

Commission: 20% lifetime recurring revenue

Cookie life: 90 days

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal, ngân hàng Transfer, or Both

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $50

This popular trang đích cần seo platform — used by brands such as campaign Monitor và Zola — helps users thiết kế high-converting landing pages for Saa
S businesses, ecommerce sites, & agencies. Unbounce"s affiliate program is impressive, giving you the opportunity to lớn earn 20% of the recurring revenue for every customer you refer.

Plus, your site visitors or social media followers get 20% off their first three months using Unbounce, making the exchange valuable for them, as well.

Unbounce provides you with plenty of tools khổng lồ succeed using their tiếp thị liên kết program, including a Partner coach, custom dashboard to lớn track progress, và training & promotional materials to ensure you"re promoting their business as effectively as possible.

If you"re a marketer hoping khổng lồ help clients increase conversions on their landing pages, this partnership could be a win-win for you both.

This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For

Marketers, agencies, & who share content about kinh doanh with a highly interested and qualified audience. If you’re an agency, you can refer them to Unbounce, and if you’re a or nội dung creator, you can tóm tắt contextual information with your readers and viewers.

11. Constant Contact

Commission: $5 for each referral that signs up for a không tính phí trial, và $105 when your referrals pay for a new account

Cookie life: 120 days

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal, electronic fund transfer, check, or direct deposit

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: One sign-up

Constant tương tác offers powerful email marketing tools for small businesses,, and entrepreneurs. Among other things, users of Constant liên hệ can create Instagram and Facebook Ads, automate their email marketing campaigns, target new ecommerce customers, & send follow-up emails lớn increase revenue khổng lồ their online stores.

The company"s affiliate program enables you khổng lồ earn $5 for all qualified leads, và $105 when the referral becomes a customer of Constant Contact.

Additionally, you"ll receive promotional materials, a tracking dashboard, & personalized tư vấn to help you succeed with the tiếp thị liên kết program. Constant tương tác is used by major brands including Facebook, Word
Press, & Shopify.

If you believe your clients or prospects could benefit from email kinh doanh tools, this is a good partnership to consider.

This affiliate Program is Best For and content creators whose audience is made up of small-to-medium businesses. Since Constant tương tác doesn’t offer any không lấy phí plans, it’s ideal for you if your audience is ready to lớn commit khổng lồ a paid purchase.


Commission: một nửa lifetime recurring

Cookie life: 180 Days

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal or wire transfer

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $30 is a fast and simple marketing tool that has everything you need lớn launch, grow, & scale your online business.

There are over 200,000 customers that use lớn build sales funnels, send unlimited emails, create and manage online courses và, run tiếp thị liên kết programs, build websites, and automate almost every aspect of their marketing. offers 6 different pricing packages, ranging from $27 per month lớn $828 per year.

Along with their extensive pricing tiers, they have multiple lead magnets và online courses that can help affiliates pull in the maximum number of leads to lớn their funnels. Affiliates can leverage all 6 pricing plans và onboarding materials to lớn convert new users. affiliates earn 50% lifetime commissions on all subscriptions và course sales. Plus, they earn 5% second-tier commissions if their referrals successfully promote the platform themselves​.

This tiếp thị liên kết program offers attractive income potential — with a monthly payout of over $100,000 to their affiliates, và over $2,000,000 in total tiếp thị liên kết commissions earned so far.

This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For, video clip marketers, and content creators whose audience is made up of freelancers and entrepreneurs. Because of’s course creation tool, it’s a great fit if your audience is interested in starting their own online course.

13. Typeform


Commission: $20 per referral

Cookie life: Unknown

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal or Stripe

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: One sign-up

Typeform, which offers conversational forms và surveys including tương tác Forms, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, and event Lead Capture Forms, offers a $20 commission on referrals.

That means you’ll earn $20 if a referred customer subscribes khổng lồ Typeform, regardless of whether they stay subscribed.

This adds up quickly, và the service is relatively cheap, making it easy for your referrals to make a purchase. If you refer 100 customers who sign up for a monthly basic plan, that’s already $2,000.

This affiliate Program is Best For and nội dung creators whose audience could use a khung tool — for instance, if your audience is made up of small business owners or customer service professionals. But Typeform is such a versatile tool that it could even be used for non-professional purposes, so you can even refer family and friends.

14. Outgrow affiliate Program

Commission: 20% upfront and 20% recurring

Cookie life: 30 days

Payout Methods: Unknown

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: Unknown

Outgrow is an interactive nội dung builder that helps marketers to create personalized nội dung including calculators, viral quizzes, e
Commerce recommendations, forms, surveys, chatbots, polls, and assessments.

Personalized solutions like interactive content địa chỉ real value to lớn the customer & increase user engagement, improve conversions, and generate leads that marketers can then use for segmentation and retargeting.

Along with 20% commission upfront và 20% on recurring payments, Outgrow affiliates receive 24/7 chat tư vấn and opportunities lớn get featured on Outgrow"s webinars và podcasts.

This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For

Marketers, nội dung creators, and whose audience could use interactive content tools. Whether you’re writing for a business or creating independent nội dung on Linked
In, you can market Outgrow as a chất lượng solution lớn engage followers. You can also create interactive nội dung using Outgrow và encourage others khổng lồ begin using it.

15. Instapage


Commission: 30% khổng lồ 40% recurring for the first year, then 15% lifetime recurring

Cookie life: 90 days

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal or Stripe

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: One signup

Instapage is the most powerful trang đích cần seo platform on the market — empowering companies like Verizon, Hello
Fresh, và Lattice to lớn launch high-performing digital campaigns.

Partners are integral to Instapage’s continued innovation and evolution. The affiliate Program offers a generous commission structure—with a 30-40% recurring commission for every paying customer. Instapage provides all the tools partners need lớn succeed, including a dedicated point of contact, promotional materials that are regularly updated, and opportunities to lớn earn more via special contests và limited-time offers.

The program rewards Affiliates with profit-sharing opportunities và supports their efforts with social truyền thông media assets and messaging. Instapage affiliates can earn:

40% on the first year of a customer"s annual subscription15% of a customer"s annual subscription after the first year30% on monthly subscription

Sign up for the Instapage affiliate program here.

This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For

Content creators và whose audience is made up of medium-sized khổng lồ enterprise businesses. Since Instapage’s pricing starts at $199/month, it’s less accessible to lớn freelancers or hobbyists, but it’s well-positioned for audiences with larger budgets.

Best Online Course affiliate Programs

15. Thinkific

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring

Cookie life: 90 days

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal or Stripe

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $25

Thinkific’s powerful all-in-one platform makes it easy to nội dung your knowledge, grow your audience, and scale the business you already love. The platform enables users to lớn create, market, & sell online courses and membership sites under their own brand.

You"re an ideal candidate for Thinkific"s affiliate program if your audience is made up of any of the following:

Content creators with skills và knowledge to share;Business leaders who want to lớn create courses for customers; or
Entrepreneurs who want to địa chỉ cửa hàng new revenue streams

As an affiliate partner, your perks include a 30% lifetime recurring commission, a competitive 90-day cookie window, & access khổng lồ ready-to-post creative and promotional content. Thinkific affiliate partners earn up khổng lồ $1,700 per referral every year.

This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For

As mentioned, Thinkific’s affiliate program is an excellent fit if you create nội dung for other content creators và entrepreneurs. Thinkific’s subscriptions start at $0/month, making it a great fit for your audience if they’re interested in experimenting with course creation. Remember that they’ll need khổng lồ upgrade, of course, before you start earning.

16. Kajabi

Commission: 30% lifetime recurring

Cookie life: 30 days

Payout Methods: Pay

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: Unknown

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that lets users create online courses, launch marketing campaigns, build landing pages, và design the perfect website.

The Kajabi Partner Program is currently only mở cửa to Kajabi users. As an affiliate, you"ll receive a 30% lifetime commission for any new thành viên you bring lớn Kajabi that stays active past their trial period. What"s more, you will be treated khổng lồ special rewards as you progress.

Each level unlocks exciting bonuses only available khổng lồ Kajabi Partners.

This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For

Current Kajabi users who are a fan of the product and want to mô tả it with fellow content creators.

17. Teachable

Commission: Up to 30% lifetime recurring

Cookie life: 90 days

Payout Methods: Pay

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: Unknown

Teachable helps you create và sell beautiful online courses. With over 18 million students & 186 thousand active courses, Teachable is one of the most reputable e-learning platforms. Plus, it"s heavily endorsed by Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.

Ranging from facebook marketing to cake decorating tips, Teachable is suited for a variety of niche subjects. Teachable"s tiếp thị liên kết program pays a recurring 30% commission on the referral"s monthly subscription fee. Plans can go anywhere from $29 khổng lồ $499 per month, meaning you"ll be able lớn earn up to $150 a month per sale.

This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For and nội dung creators who target other freelancers and content creators on a budget. Teachable subscriptions start at free.

18. I


Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie life: 90 days

Payout Methods: Pay

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: Unknown

Spring is an international software development company that produces tools for e
Learning nội dung authoring & online training. Their flagship hàng hóa is i
Spring Suite, an award-winning authoring tool that allows the creation of interactive online courses, quizzes, video tutorials, role-plays, and ebooks.

Spring Suite has an intuitive interface that is familiar lớn everyone (the tool works as a Power
Point add-in) và offers solutions for any learning need. And that’s why it has become popular among people from different fields: from university professors to lớn corporate instructional designers.

The affiliate program includes i
Spring Suite and i
Spring Suite Max, which cost $770 & $970, respectively. Thus, you can earn from $77 to lớn $97 from a single purchase and around $1000/month if you provide 10+ customers monthly. You will receive verified commissions quarterly.

This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For and nội dung creators who target online instructors who are ready to commit lớn a paid plan. Since i
Spring’s pricing starts at the higher end, you’ll want to lớn think about pricing when sharing it with your audience.

Best trang web Builder tiếp thị liên kết Programs

19. Shopify


Commission: $150 USD for all full-priced plan referrals

Cookie life: 30 days

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal or direct deposit

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $10

Shopify is a complete commerce platform that allows you to start, grow, & manage a business.

With nearly đôi mươi million merchants on Shopify, merchants can build và customize an online store as well as sell in multiple places, including web, mobile, in person, brick-and-mortar locations, pop-up shops, and across multiple channels from social truyền thông to online marketplaces.

Millions of entrepreneurs have chosen Shopify khổng lồ build their business from Hello World khổng lồ IPO.

The Shopify tiếp thị liên kết program is made up of thousands of global content creators, course educators, influencers, and đánh giá sites who help their audiences launch successful businesses on Shopify, while earning competitive referral commissions, & elevating themselves as leaders in the industry.

The program is không lấy phí to join và provides an opportunity for experts to monetize their audience và earn a commission.

Shopify affiliates gain access to a global creative library, lead magnets, a monthly newsletter, and curated email programming that are all designed lớn support nội dung creation & conversion rate.

Through measured performance & referral quality, eligible partners have the opportunity to lớn join Shopify’s invite-only Commerce Coach program that offers higher commission rates và a wide variety of other exclusive benefits.

This affiliate Program is Best For, course instructors, đoạn clip marketers, và influencers whose audience is interested in launching an ecommerce brand.

20. Leadpages


Commission: Up to 1/2 lifetime recurring

Cookie life: 90 days

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal or Stripe

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $50

Leadpages is an online tool that lets you create easy-to-customize landing pages lớn collect contact information & boost your conversion rates. (You can learn more about Lead
Pages by reading reviews.)

Their tiếp thị liên kết program is only mở cửa to Leadpages customers. Each paying customer referred brings in a lifetime commission of up to lớn 50%. Membership prices range from $49 lớn $99 per month.

Leadpages will sometimes run special offers, such as a $5,000 bonus for affiliates who drive 10+ sales by a given date. All affiliates get access to banners, sidebar images, và social media-friendly links. You also have the option to tóm tắt a unique liên kết to a free nội dung page (like a post or video) rather than a sản phẩm page.

This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For

Current Leadpages customers whose audience would benefit from a dedicated landingpage tool — such as experienced freelancers and startup owners.

21. Wix

Commission: $100 per Premium sale

Cookie life: 30 days

Payout Methods: Wire transfer

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $300

If you"re interested in unlimited payouts with minimal effort, Wix could be for you. The web development company is one of the most popular web hosting platforms, & offers $100 per Premium referral with no limit on the amount of people you can refer (which means, if you refer 10 people, you"ve already made $1,000).

Additionally, Wix provides liên kết and creatives, including banners and landing pages in all languages, to lớn make it easy for you to lớn include their links on your site.

However, it"s important to chú ý that there is a minimum sales target you need lớn reach to lớn get paid — $300 per month (if you make less than that, your earnings will stay in your account until you reach that benchmark).

If you feel your website,, or social channel is visited on a regular basis by prospects who might be interested in creating their own trang web on a hosting platform, this could be a good program for you, but if you"re unsure if you can meet the minimum sales target for a while, you might want lớn reconsider.

This affiliate Program is Best For, nội dung creators, and đánh giá website owners whose audience would be interested in starting their own website. It’s especially a great fit if your audience identifies as beginners. Due khổng lồ its code-free builder, Wix is a great starting point for new website owners.

22. Crowdbotics

Commission: Payouts start at $750 per referral and vary by project size

Cookie life: liên hệ Crowdbotics for more information

Payout Methods: Cash bonus or credits

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: One sign-up

Crowdbotics makes it faster than ever lớn build complete, scalable apps for business. With Crowdbotics, professionals can turn ideas into real code using a matched library of components & a network of on-call experts.

Crowdbotics references a library of millions of production-grade software packages to lớn identify the most effective components and workflows for a given project. Once your referral partner starts building their app, you can claim various rewards from Crowdbotics ranging from cash payouts lớn development credits.

This tiếp thị liên kết Program is Best For

Content creators whose audience is made up of small-to-large businesses or tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Your referral must sign up for a custom project that starts at a value of at least $10,000, making this a poor choice if your audience is made up of budget-minded freelancers & hobbyists.

Best website Hosting affiliate Programs

23. WP Engine


Commission: $200 per sale or 100% of first month’s subscription

Cookie life: 180 days

Payout Methods: Unknown

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: One sign-up

There are millions of websites on the internet, and more than 40% are built on Word
Press. WP Engine provides super-fast web hosting for thousands of Word
Press websites around the world.

WP Engine"s tiếp thị liên kết program runs on the Share
ASale network. By promoting WP Engine plans, you can earn $200 per signup or 100% of the customer"s first monthly payment — whichever one is higher. You gain access khổng lồ exclusive tiếp thị liên kết discounts you can offer khổng lồ your audience.

You can also promote Studio
Press themes & earn 35% of the sales generated. These purchases get 60 days of cookie tracking.

It"s important to note — WP Engine"s tiếp thị liên kết program is two-tiered, which means that you"ll get paid not only for referring customers, but also for referring affiliates. You get $50 for each of their referrals.

While it may not be easy khổng lồ find an audience looking khổng lồ build a new Word
Press website, when you vì chưng find those users, the profits can be huge.

This affiliate Program is Best For

Content creators và whose audience is interested in launching their own Word
Press website.

24. Kinsta


Commission: Up to $500 per referral + 10% lifetime recurring

Cookie life: 60 days

Payout Methods: Pay

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $50

Kinsta was founded in 2013 by veteran Word
Press developers "with a desire to create the best Word
Press hosting platform in the world." They strive to offer Word
Press hosting that is fast, secure, và reliable.

Kinsta"s affiliate program pays an initial commission, followed by a recurring 10% monthly payment. Affiliates can earn up to lớn $500 initially, depending on the type of plan the referral has purchased:

Starter: $30Pro: $100Business: $150Enterprise: $500

While 10% may not seem like much, your referrals are likely to have a high lifetime value, thanks lớn Kinsta"s high customer retention rate of 95%.

This affiliate Program is Best For

Content creators và whose audience is interested in launching their own Word
Press trang web or website application. It’s a great fit if you talk about trang web hosting or technical topics on your platform.

25. Bluehost

Commission: $65 per sale

Cookie life: 90 days

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal or electronic bank transfer

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: Unknown

Bluehost, a web hosting platform that supports more than 2 million websites, offers a phenomenal affiliate program for any business or entrepreneur looking to monetize their or website.

If you promote Bluehost"s products or services on your own or trang web (either through custom banners or links), you can earn anywhere from $65 lớn $130 per sale generated from your website — an incredibly high fee.

Best of all, it"s free to join their affiliate program, and Bluehost offers reliable tracking to ensure you get credit for each lead you provide them. Plus, Bluehost offers affiliate managers who can offer tư vấn or personalized advice. With such an accessible program, there are a ton of Bluehost reviews with the pros and cons.

This affiliate Program is Best For

Content creators và whose audience would be interested in purchasing hosting or a domain name.

26. Hostgator

Commission: $65 khổng lồ $125 per signup

Cookie life: 60 days

Payout Methods: Pay
Pal, wire, or ACH transfer

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: One sign-up

Hostgator offers both website hosting and building tools, và is incredibly low-cost for startups or ecommerce businesses with limited budgets — for instance, a starter plan costs only $3.84/month.

It"s không lấy phí to become a Hostgator affiliate, và their tiered payouts are substantial — you can make $65 per signup if you provide Hostgator with 1-5 signups per month, & up khổng lồ $125 per signup if you provide Hostgator with over 21 signups.

You can either embed tracking links on your site or create a custom coupon code. Since Hostgator provides a 45-day money-back guarantee, it"s low-risk for your trang web visitors to lớn try it out.

This affiliate Program is Best For

Content creators và whose audience would be interested in purchasing hosting or a domain name name.

27. Green

Commission: Up to lớn $100 for up lớn 10 sales; custom commission for 10+ sales

Cookie life: 30 days

Payout Methods: Pay

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: One sale

Geeks, an eco-friendly, secure web hosting platform, allows you khổng lồ earn up to lớn $100 per sale. They have a tiered program that pays generously — including $50 for just one sale, & $100 for six or more.

Additionally, the company provides a selection of creative assets, content, & banners lớn ensure you"re proud of the liên kết or banner you include on your trang web or

If you believe your readers or trang web visitors are interested in exploring web hosting platforms (for instance, if you write nội dung for freelancers), this could be a good option lớn explore.

Best of all, the company promotes eco-friendly alternatives, so you can feel good knowing you"re spreading a positive, "green message" to your site visitor.

This affiliate Program is Best For

Content creators và whose audience would be interested in purchasing hosting with an eco-friendly aspect.

Best Retail affiliate Programs

Disclaimer: Commissions for retail stores are much smaller because the purchase price is much smaller. But this also means that it"s easier to lớn get your audience khổng lồ buy those items (low price = low commitment), which could translate into high conversion rates và higher returns.

28. Target

Commission: 1-8% (depending on the sản phẩm category and sales volume)

Cookie life: 7 days

Payout Methods: Unknown

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: One sale

While it doesn"t offer as wide a selection as Amazon or e
Bay, Target remains a highly recognizable brand with a variety of different products.

Target"s affiliate program operates on a volume-based commission structure, meaning that your commission increases as the number of items purchased increases.

Sadly, a product category that does not benefit from this model is the Health and Beauty products — the commission on this category caps at 1%, regardless of volume.

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It"s also critical to lưu ý — most people tend to prefer buying Target products in-person, rather than online, so this could have an impact on your returns.

29. Hammacher Schlemmer

Commission: 8% on any sale

Cookie life: 30 days

Payout Methods: Direct deposit, check, or Payoneer

Minimum Sales Threshold Before Payout: $50

Hammacher Schlemmer is America"s longest-runni