X và Tesla founder Elon Musk had a thought-provoking series of tweets back in 2013 on Space
X’s future and long-term goals. Looking back on his thoughts could teach us a few things when it comes lớn looking at digital marketing’s future and role as a long-term strategy for fueling business growth. Keep reading to lớn learn what Musk said & how khổng lồ prepare your kinh doanh strategy for long-term success!

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He said:

No near term plans to IPO

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Only possible in very long term when Mars Colonial Transporter is flying regularly. — Elon Musk (
elonmusk) June 6, 2013

Easier said than done. There is a lot of pressure from investors.

It is hard not khổng lồ feel super bad if u don’t make ur qtr. — Elon Musk (
elonmusk) June 6, 2013

Musk was discussing the pressure to take Space
X, his privately-owned space exploration company, public. The long-term goal of Space
X is to lớn get humans to lớn Mars.

It’s a wildly ambitious goal và one that isn’t a match for the quarterly pressure from shareholders focused on short-term goals. Elon Musk is playing the long game và can teach marketers a few lessons about keeping our eyes on the bigger picture. While your company might not have shareholders to appease, it’s easy lớn start focusing too much on short-term goals in your online kinh doanh efforts.

The web is so fast-paced và ‘overnight’ success stories so rampant that we often forget how much time & effort it takes to build and market something great online.

The biggest reason marketers and business owners struggle khổng lồ see value in inbound marketing channels is because they aren’t patient enough khổng lồ see the dividends.

There are kinh doanh avenues out there on the web that allow you to quickly get some return on your investment: Display advertising và paid tìm kiếm are two of the most common. But chances are you will have a better long-term return on investment (ROI) and more sustainable marketing efforts by investing in inbound kinh doanh tactics like search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, and content marketing. The biggest reason marketers và business owners struggle to see value in inbound kinh doanh channels are because they aren’t patient enough lớn see the dividends.

Let’s look at a few specific examples of where playing the long trò chơi provides the most value for your Internet kinh doanh campaign:

1. Blogging

Blogging is probably the area where most businesses quickly give up. They invest time in writing monthly or weekly blog posts, but they haven’t gotten any traffic khổng lồ their posts, let alone any new leads. By giving up so early, they are missing out on links, social shares, referrals, tìm kiếm traffic, and brand trust that can only come from creating compelling blog content.

If you ask most successful bloggers, they will tell you how they blogged for months or years khổng lồ an empty audience before they earned their first few dedicated readers.

Investing in a blog requires a long term commitment. To earn people’s trust, you have to lớn be willing to blog when nobody is reading.

2. SEO

While SEO can provide some quicker returns than blogging can, it’s going khổng lồ take some time lớn rank highly for all of the từ khoá you want to target. In fact, a unique SEO chiến dịch never really ends. Your từ khoá will evolve over time & there are always new areas to break into.

Let’s say you sell widgets. You might want lớn rank highly for “widgets” but that isn’t feasible unless you are investing in a long-term SEO campaign. You can start by focusing on keywords like “small red widgets” và other less competitive terms with an eye on building up the authority of the site khổng lồ rank for those super competitive head keyword in the future.

You can buy links and perhaps rank highly for “widgets” in the short term, but you’re sitting on a time bomb. Google’s algorithm might not catch up khổng lồ you for a few months or even a year, but it’s only a matter of time. Truly great SEO is sustainable and being too aggressive is only going lớn bring you trouble sooner or later.

When it comes lớn playing the long trò chơi in SEO, data is your best friend. Relying on data over intuition will keep your từ khóa strategy rooted in fact và provide realistic expectations. With hundreds of tweaks khổng lồ Google’s algorithm each year along with natural fluctuations in tìm kiếm volume, your SEO chiến dịch is going to have some ups & downs.

Don’t zero in on small time periods. Focus on significant samples of data in google analytics to drive your strategy.

3. Social media

Social truyền thông media makes it really easy to become overly focused on short term results. No matter which social network you’re on, there’s a handy number of fans or followers that you can use khổng lồ quickly judge the success of your social truyền thông media efforts. Don’t vày it.

Somehow, we’ve made social truyền thông into a numbers trò chơi when it is really about relationships & interactions. A Twitter trương mục with 25 real, qualified followers is infinitely more valuable than one with 5,000 kém chất lượng followers. Avoid score-carding yourself against your competitors in social media.

If you don’t, you’ll over up on Fiverr paying for followers that won’t make you a dime. The long trò chơi in social truyền thông media means spending time finding out who your target market is online & creating ways khổng lồ engage them. You’ll have to work a lot harder if you aren’t strictly focused on follower numbers, but your social media chiến dịch will actually provide value to lớn you when you play the long game.

Get in the game và make your play

Most of the time, marketing strategies that deliver short-term dividends bởi not provide long-term payoffs. That said, every business has a ‘busy season’ or time when focusing on a specific time segment makes sense. Focusing on the short-term isn’t a bad thing as long as your short-term goals are also pointing back to lớn your long-term dreams.

Your end goal is your “going to lớn Mars” moment. It might be attaining 100 paying customers, doubling the form size of your team, going public, etc. Whatever that goal is, you should be passionate about it, and it should drive every decision your business makes.

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