This document management solution is developed for those users who bởi not have the necessary resources for doing document storage in a self-hosted system. Lượt thích any cloud-based solution, also Logical
DOC Cloud is maintained in an external data center; there is nothing to install on your facility. Just purchase access & bypass all the infrastructure and maintenance issues.

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Built specifically for your mạng internet browser, the web-based interface provides familiar navigation & controls that allow you lớn search, retrieve, & share documents.

The web-based document management system emulates a traditional desktop interface, allowing you to lớn organize your digital files into folders and subfolders. Version control and document workflow enrich the typical features of a DMS. Because you vì not have lớn take care of the infrastructure, even small businesses can implement their records management & real-time business processes.


Advantages of Online Document Management

Cloud-based document management offers a safe way khổng lồ create, collaborate, & share knowledge between people in different places. Colleagues in the office và those working from home offices or external locations can securely access và share electronic files.

Features that allow people khổng lồ access the information they need – anytime, anywhere independently – reduce the need to lớn be in the office khổng lồ answer questions and requests. Employees who travel no longer need to gọi the office to ask that documents be sent by fax or email. Regarding customer relationship management, authorized clients can retrieve project information without the assistance of company employees. Suppliers can independently send invoices or forms without needing complicated FTP sites or chaotic emails.


If you choose the Logical
DOC Cloud solution, your application will be hosted on one of our servers, which are protected by professional backup procedures. Moreover, you can count on phân tích và đo lường trails lớn discover how users are doing with the documents repository. Without having to lớn put effort, you will benefit from many features, including integration with Microsoft Office, Zoho docs, Google Drive, và more online tools for managing documents lượt thích documents, spreadsheets, or other kinds of content.

Our flexible commercial policy is based on the disk storage space required và the number of supported users and can be tailored lớn suit your needs. If interested, you can ask for a quote from our sales office.

DOC Cloud implements the Software as a Service (Saa
S) paradigm, in which you purchase a service & do not have khổng lồ handle installation or maintenance issues. On the other hand, Logical
DOC On-Premise editions are standard software packages you must install onto your computer systems.


The Cloud solution is the best choice for organizations that bởi not want lớn invest resources in maintaining an internal data center with complex backup và firewall protocols but need sharing and collaboration. The software package is preferred by customers who want to maintain direct control over the system và already have an IT infrastructure.

Both solutions give access to the same document management system, which your users will access using their mạng internet browser.

Vault uses top-tier public cloud providers lượt thích Amazon web Services, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, and Google Cloud Platform. This guarantees high availability, high security, and low costs. As a result, Eisen
Vault is the most trusted cloud document management system in India to store your documents.

The Eisen
Vault document management software (DMS) is built using modern and mở cửa architectures, making our solutions flexible và adaptable to lớn suit most business requirements và infrastructure. In addition, our web-based user interface is modern & user-friendly, reducing the learning curve for your non-technical team members. Our cloud-based document storage is also available as a mobile phầm mềm for both i
OS and Android users, enabling access when you are on the move.


A cloud based document management system is a secure system designed to store, track, & manage electronic documents in the cloud. It's a data storage system that enables businesses lớn access, edit & share documents efficiently & securely. Companies using a cloud DMS system no longer need to lớn purchase and maintain expensive hardware & software. A cloud based DMS system ensures you don't lose your documents if your hardware is damaged or stolen. As a result, it helps in reduced cost, scalability, better security, greater efficiency, and lower carbon footprints. A Company's documents can also be managed via on-premises DMS.

Vault is among the best cloud document management software in India because its innovative cloud DMS software offers a range of features and benefits that make it easier for businesses to lớn manage their documents online. It helps streamline document approval processes, completely secure user access controls, frequent automated back-ups, integration with other applications, and provide world-class technical support. Our cloud DMS also allows for collaboration among users, allowing multiple users lớn work on the same document simultaneously. Additionally, cloud-based document storage typically offers fast & secure storage of documents, allowing organizations lớn access them when needed quickly.


Vault’s Document management storage software can be accessed via any modern web browser, over an mạng internet connection. It is completely secure from snooping hackers & your connection is always SSL encrypted. No installation needed.


Your Documents and Folders can be kept synchronized offline. When you are connected to lớn the Cloud Computing Document Storage through mạng internet your changes are synced to lớn the cloud. When you are offline (e.g. On an airplane) you can continue working on your documents. Offline Sync is Available for Mac, Windows và Linux

Vault’s cloud based DMS software comes with companion apps for i
Phone, i
Pad & Android devices. The tiện ích allows you lớn search, browse and view documents on the go. It allows offline access as well. Smartphone access only works with the cloud version of Eisen

Vault makes scanned documents full text searchable, using Optical Character Recognition (available in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Chinese, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia & Thai). Apply custom metadata fields to documents to lớn enable advanced search and filtering.

Vault’s cloud based document storage software comes with a plugin for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail (including Gsuite email). This allows you khổng lồ directly tệp tin emails và attachments to Eisen
Vault from within an email message.

Vault allows direct editing within Microsoft’s Excel, Word & Powerpoint software packages. Any changes made within any of these packages lớn a document can directly create a new version of the document within the DMS.

Every time a document changes, a new version is created. User has the option of viewing older versions or downloading older versions. Also all actions on a document (read, download, edit etc.) are captured in an phân tích và đo lường Trail along with username & timestamp.

Vault’s cloud computing document storage has the ability to lớn route documents for approvals via a built in workflow engine. These workflows can be custom built as per your requirements. It is possible to have maker-checker flows, where a document only becomes visible once it has been approved by a checker.

No limits on file sizes uploaded. Easily nâng cấp your storage space at a minimal cost (our base plan includes a generous 250 GB). Easily increase number of registered users (our base plan includes a generous 50 users).

Lower total cost of ownership, as you only have lớn invest in an annualised operational expense. No capital investment needed. No need to buy any hardware or expensive 3rd các buổi party software licenses (all our software runs on open-source platforms).

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The Eisen
Vault Cloud Document Management Storage System features a rich set of industry standard benefits.

Document management workflows

Indexing and tìm kiếm abilities

Collaboration and social features

Document audit trails

OCR of scanned images to lớn searchable
PDF documents

Support for multiple tệp tin types: PDF, Doc, Docx, ODT, Google Docs, TIFF, JPEG, etc

Cloud storage on secure servers

Highly secure enterprise grade encryption

Daily database backups

Easy và intuitive khổng lồ use

No limit on file kích cỡ

Easily customisable user interface

Accessible using web browser và mobile app

Annual recurring subscription model

Highly secure – all data will be stored in enterprise grade Tier 1 data centres, with disk-level encryption

Connection between browser và server will be encrypted using state-of-the-art TLS/SSL encryption

All data will be backed up daily to a server in a different country, for maximum redundancy và business continuity in case of a natural disaster