Cloud gaming is one of the most exciting innovations in recent years. The idea of playing games that would normally require a high-powered, expensive gaming PC on any device is appealing, even if it’s a bit of a pipe dream. Although the advertising for cloud gaming lands on the hyperbolic side of things, some of the claims are true.

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In this guide, we’re going khổng lồ explore the best cloud gaming services that deliver on the promises they mix forth. Using the criteria in our cloud gaming reviews, we tracked down the đứng top three services in each category. We’ll talk about why we rank each service so highly, as well as what we looked for in each category, before declaring an overall winner.

If you want the short answer, Shadow is the best cloud gaming service available today.

Before getting khổng lồ why we like Shadow & Ge
Force Now so much, though, let’s talk about what cloud gaming is và how it works.

Updated the information regarding không tính phí cloud gaming options.

Removed Stadia as an option, as Google announced its retirement in January 2023.


In fact, we couldn’t find much during our research, but given the volume, it wouldn’t be surprising khổng lồ see more pop up in the future. Let this serve as a PSA, if nothing else.

The Best Cloud Gaming Services

Now that we’ve talked about what cloud gaming is and some of the future problems it may have, let’s dive into our đứng đầu picks for the best cloud gaming services.

Best Cloud Gaming Services 2020: I’ve Been Waiting for This for Years!


With Shadow, you’re buying isolated resources, but you’re also buying a full Windows 10 installation. Unlike most cloud gaming services that boot directly to the DRM platform where the game is located, Shadow boots you khổng lồ a Windows 10 desktop. You’re allowed to bởi vì just about anything, including installing new applications và customizing the look.

With 1 Gbps download speeds, you can get a lot done quickly with Shadow. The only limitation is the hard drive, which is only 256GBs. Even so, with how quickly games can be reinstalled, the small size shouldn’t pose too much of an issue.

Plus, you can purchase additional storage, và then you can địa chỉ cửa hàng or remove increments of 256GB to Shadow via your trương mục page. You can showroom up to lớn a total of 2TB of additional storage. Read more about that in our Shadow review.

Fast, low-latency gaming


Currently, Shadow is the only fully realized cloud gaming service out there, making it our đứng đầu pick by default. It offers good speeds và a pleasant experience, though it"s not without its faults. Check out our full Shadow reviews for all the details.


With the kids-mode switch ticked, only games rated E10+ và below are shown. Although you can quickly switch between profiles, enabling kids mode is a quick way khổng lồ restrict the selection if you have little ones that want to lớn play. If you’re interested in maintaining an adult account và keeping the kids away, you can set a four-digit PIN.

Outside of the parental control, Blacknut’s main feature is compatibility. It’s supported by just about everything, with applications for Windows, mac
OS, Amazon Fire TV, Android, Linux & select TVs from Panasonic and Samsung.Controller tư vấn is excellent, too, with most games supporting a keyboard & mouse, as well as gamepads. On smart TVs, you can even use your remote for some games. You can learn more about that in our Blacknut review.


Major multi-platform titles are present, including Red Dead Redemption, Fallout 4 and Rocket League, so if you’re interested in playing those, Play
Station Now is an easy choice. However, Sony fans will be more excited by the library of first-party titles. Play
Station Now has the greatest hits of Sony’s long history, including every nostalgic game from the past.

The Jak and DaxterRatchet & Clank games are present, along with the Tekken. Some newer exclusives are available, too, including the wonderfully difficult Bloodborne. That said, the latest exclusives take a while lớn show up. Namely, at the time of writing, Days Gone and Spider-Man aren’t supported.

Even so, the volume of games you can play simply for the cost of a subscription is excellent. You can view more of the games danh sách in our Play
Station Now review.

Force Now

Force Now started off with small library of just over 400 games. Compared khổng lồ Play
Station Now và Shadow, it fell short in terms of volume. However, the number of games has now increased khổng lồ around 1,200. Each option is specifically curated for PC gamers, with the latest releases added almost immediately to lớn the menu (read our Ge
Force Now vs Play
Station Now piece).


The obvious games are there, including Rocket League, DOOM 2016, Fallout 76 and Rainbow Six Siege, but we’re more impressed by some of the less-popular titles. Grand strategy games, like Endless Space 2 & Hearts of Iron IV, sit alongside Japanese favorites, lượt thích Nie
R: Automata
, Octopath TravelerDragon Quest XI.

Indies get a lot of love, too. Large indies, such as Darkest Dungeon and Hollow Knight, are included, but so are many other lesser-known ones, such as Deep Sky Derelicts, Mothergunship, Enter the GungeonThey Are Billions.

Each trò chơi is of high chất lượng and no matter if we tìm kiếm for a heavy-hitting triple-A or a niche indie, we can find it on Ge
Force Now. You can read more about the games danh mục in our Ge
Force Now review.

Visit Shadow


There isn’t a baseline price for cloud gaming services yet, but the ceiling has been established by services like Shadow. In this section, we looked for platforms that offered a solid value at the asking price, not just the best khuyến mãi overall. As mentioned above, going for the best khuyễn mãi giảm giá doesn’t always work out.

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Station Now

Station Now is expensive if you sign up for a monthly plan. At nearly the same asking price of Shadow, it doesn’t deliver equal performance or flexibility. However, Sony offers multiple durations, which is something that Shadow and most other cloud gaming platforms lack. If you buy a year upfront, you’re getting a great deal.