TEAM was built by entrepreneurs as a performance management software tool for easy employee evaluation, engagement, mentoring, và productivity reporting – all in a single suite.

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Pick from 3000+ key performance indicators (KPIs) within the software or create your own. We accommodate every type of business, whether you have full time, part time or contractual employees on your payroll.

With simplicity in method & function from the ground up, most users send out their first evaluations in a matter of minutes. Configuration can be customized for even the most demanding customer!

We operate in the cloud using world-class big data technologies designed lớn safeguard data, both at rest và in transit. Strong application level firewalls protect the system 24/7.

Our support team enjoys helping users get the most out of Assess
TEAM. Anytime you reach out to us, expect a quick, friendly và informative response in minutes!

Designed for smart devices, Assess
TEAM natively supports cell phones, tablets, and everything in between. Processing evaluations on the mobile tiện ích is super fun!

Employees using Assess
TEAM understand their jobs better, receive clear timely input, và have a better understanding of which path will lead them towards improved job performance.

We happily sync data with popular business suites lượt thích Google Suite, Office 365, other project management systems and over 1400 others using Zapier. Importing your data is a breeze.

TEAM profitability tracking reports have been proven to lớn improve margins for service-oriented companies by over 45% just in the first year. Profitability computation is in real-time and accessible over your smartphone device.

Employee performance management is a critical aspect of business management. Opportunities derived from performance management software often lead to lớn massive improvements in team efficiency. Simply knowing who your đứng đầu performers are and what products are executed most effectively by your team can lead khổng lồ wiser decision making.

Our team consists of HR professionals, business owners, programmers, usability experts, và industry analysts. The sản phẩm is a culmination of years of research, field tests in several countries, và great advice from customers.

We are headquartered in Pittsfield, Massachusetts with our consultants based out of New York, Los Angeles, London, và Sydney. We serve clients in several countries in tư vấn with local labor regulations.

We are multilingual, accept all major currencies, & we accommodate practically every employee evaluation process used. With real-time feedback, quantitative evaluations, annual appraisals, peer reviews, project-driven evaluations & 360 degree evaluations, we seamlessly enable every evaluation methodology khổng lồ help you build a phối of whatever combination works best for your team. Evaluation methodology can be chosen per employee or simply on the nature of the job.

Through integration of timesheets into the system, our performance management software reports on performance metrics by correlating time spent và profitability. By simplifying evaluations for employees, business owners get the help they need lớn make data-driven decisions about employee engagement và project performance.

Get a không tính tiền demo

Optimized for reducing management overhead.

The employee reviews process is often chất lượng to every company. The nature of the product or service being rendered drives the evaluation effort. In addition lớn a world-class employee evaluation system, we deliver business intelligence by tracking productivity. The performance management software system comes with an award-winning timesheet software that enables the software lớn report on employee performance using project profitability as a matrix.

Learning new software can often be a daunting task, và this is where Assess
TEAM shines. Most customers create an tài khoản in seconds và their first evaluation is sent out in minutes. Scheduling evaluations, importing employee information & customization of the system does not require expensive consultants or tư vấn fees!

Invicti website Application Security Scanner – the only solution that delivers automatic verification of vulnerabilities with Proof-Based Scanning™.

Application Performance Management (APM) can help in today’s era of tech-driven & digital computing for optimal application management.

APM tools track the various components of applications to lớn track response time, latency, và the overall health of the applications, which assist organizations in ensuring availability, optimizing application performance, & improving user experiences.


It plays a vital role in providing detailed insight into the performance of various components of an application that assists developers and IT teams in locating & troubleshooting the issues even before they create significant outages.

The platform provides real-time metrics, detailed trace analysis, database query analysis, profiling, và error tracking that helps IT teams and developers lớn stay updated about the infrastructure và immediately take action if an incident arises.

IIts Telemetry
Hub module aids in whole stack application monitoring. Whether you’re using microservices, serverless, monoliths, or a combination of these, its distributed tracing can help you see how your application is working from end to end và help you quickly detect, prioritize, and fix issues.


Memory Bloat Detection identifies single memory-intensive requests.Notification & alerting on various web requests và background jobs.Monitoring the database for slow queries.Request Queuing can be used to determine how long it takes a request khổng lồ reach your application from further upstream.Ability to trace transactions across different application layers.

Scout Application Monitoring is a lightweight and enterprise-grade application monitoring service created specifically for today’s modern development teams. Its simple cài đặt process and user-friendly UI make it an attractive tool for developers of all skill levels. Its pricing is transaction-based và fixed monthly rather than node-based. Scout APM is free for open source.

Final words

APM (Application Performance Monitoring) is a tool used by businesses of all kinds to lớn monitor & manage application performance. Businesses can utilize APM to discover và remedy performance issues before they affect kết thúc customers.

It helps enterprises to lớn track critical performance metrics, monitor end-user experience, and fix application issues in real-time.

APM metrics provide significant insights into application usage và infrastructure performance for enterprises, allowing stakeholders khổng lồ plan and drive business growth.

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Alternatively, if you are on a tight budget or prefer a self-hosted solution, consider these open-source APM.