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Stay on top of your finances in under 5 minutes per week. Kiểm tra your custom budgeting plan — anytime, anywhere! Track your spending See where your money is going & discover places to save. Keep your bills in kiểm tra Find subscriptions you don"t use and start saving from day one.

The Best Personal Finance Software

Best for a hands-on approach: Google Spreadsheets
Here are five excellent options you might consider if you"re searching for personal finance software.

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Best for beginners learning to lớn manage money: Mint


Why it stands out: If you"re a beginner looking lớn manage your finances primarily through an phầm mềm or website, Mint is a great choice. Mint is easy to use & has many money management features khổng lồ help get control of your finances.

You"ll start by linking ngân hàng accounts, credit cards, investment accounts, loans, or mortgages to lớn Mint. The platform will split your expenses into categories & provide insights into your spending. You"ll be able khổng lồ set up a budget và set spending limits for specific categories. Mint also lets you create individual savings goals và has a bill negotiation feature through its partnership with Billshark.

What to look out for:If you agree khổng lồ use the bill negotiation feature, you"ll be charged 40% of what Billshark saves you for the service period. Also, be aware that there"s a one-time $9 fee if you select a payment plan instead of paying upfront.

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Best for a detailed budget: Quicken Deluxe

Cost: $4.99 per month (40% off, or $2.99 per month, if you get a one-year plan by January 8, 2023)

Why it stands out:Quicken Deluxe is a desktop software program. It"s available for tải về for Mac and Windows computers.

With the program, you"ll be able khổng lồ connect và keep track of bank accounts, investment accounts, loans, & credit cards. You"ll also be able khổng lồ create a 12-month budget. Usually personal finance software programs only have monthly budget plans.

Quicken Deluxe also has a"what-if" tool that lets you see potential scenarios when you make certain investments or loan decisions.

What lớn look out for:Quicken Deluxe primarily focuses on basic finances & investments. If you have a business or prefer more robust features, lượt thích priority customer support, you may fare better with Quicken Premier or Quicken Home và Business.

Regular pricing for Quicken plans varies from $3.49 per month lớn $9.99 per month. Right now, most plans (excluding Quicken Starter) have a 40% discount for the first year if you sign up by January 8, 2023. This offer is only available for new memberships.

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Best for tracking investment accounts: Empower Personal Dashboard


Why it stands out: The Empower Personal Dashboard is another software tool that"s available through a mobile phầm mềm or website. You might find the Empower Personal Dashboard appealing if you want lớn use a well-rounded platform that also helps monitor investment accounts.

With the Investment Checkup feature, you can check your current portfolio allocation alongside an ideal target allocation lớn minimize risk và reduce volatility. It also has a fee analyzer tool that reviews hidden fees for mutual funds, investment accounts, và retirement accounts.

What to lớn look out for:Some tools are exclusively for Empower advisory clients. For example, clients will have access khổng lồ a financial roadmap tool that can help them stick with major financial goals.

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Best for taxes: Tax

Cost:$0 khổng lồ $64.95 for federal tax returns depending on the plan; $39.95 to $44.95 for state returns depending on the plan

Why it stands out: Tax
Act is featured in our best tax software guide. Tax
Act has four DIY online options: Free, Deluxe, Premier, & Self-Employed plans. You"ll pay one price for a federal tax return, and if you have to file a state tax return you"ll pay an additional fee.

Act stands out from other tax software companies because it offers không tính tiền expert support regardless of which DIY plan you have. If you have questions while filing your tax returns, all you"ll need to vì chưng is submit questions, & an expert will reach out to you over the phone.

What to lớn look out for: Other tax software companies vị not charge a fee for state returns, và they have lower fees for filing federal tax returns (although, their features may not be as robust). You might consider reading through a few tax software đánh giá to help you decide which one is right for you.

File with Tax

Best for a hands-on approach: Google Sheets


Why it stands out: Perhaps you don"t want to liên kết all of your ngân hàng accounts or credit cards, và you don"t mind taking a more active approach lớn money management. Then, you might consider using Google Sheets for a straightforward way of analyzing your saving và spending.

Even those who aren"t as tech-savvy will find that Google Sheets has a simple, no-fuss thiết đặt process. All you need to do is set up a Google tài khoản and mở cửa the Google Spreadsheets tab. Then, you can select a general template for budgets or investment tracking and follow the steps listed on the spreadsheet.

Keep in mind that you"ll have khổng lồ update your spreadsheet regularly khổng lồ have an effective spreadsheet.

What lớn look out for: Creating & maintaining your budget fully depends on whether you"re willing khổng lồ manually đầu vào all your data. Some may like having a closer, more hands-on approach khổng lồ tallying expenses or tracking changes. But if you"re worried that it might become too overwhelming khổng lồ make updates every month, consider one of our other options.

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Other personal finance software we considered that didn"t make the cut và why

Methodology: How did we choose the best personal finance software?

Research is an important part of choosing a personal finance software program that fits your needs. First, we compiled a menu of 13 personal finance software programs. Then, we compared each program by analyzing the following criteria: platform accessibility, pricing, money management features, & user experience. With tax software programs, we only considered the DIY online filing options; we did not consider full-service packages where an expert helps with taxes.

Need to lớn make sense of your budget, get a better grasp on your household spending, or simply kiểm tra your credit score? We test and rate the đứng top software to help you keep track of your financial health.





Since 1982, has tested và rated thousands of products to help you make better buying decisions.See how we test.(Opens in a new window)
Financial anxiety is high around the globe, between hits from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and high inflation in 2022. It’s important khổng lồ know where you stand with your money, regardless of whether you’ve been affected by any major shocks. After all, no one can accurately predict where they"ll be in a month, six months, or a year.

You must keep a close eye on your income, expenses, budget, và investments. Your credit score is also an essential part of the equation, especially if you plan to lớn take on debt. The best personal finance software helps you track your money to lớn make better, more informed decisions about spending và credit. Many are free, & the rest are reasonably affordable. We tell you about the best ones here. Click through for an in-depth đánh giá of each, and see advice on how to lớn choose the right personal finance software toward the end of this article.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Best for Free, Automated Financial Tracking
Best for Managing Investments
Best for không tính phí Credit Scores
Best for Finance-Related Educational Resources
Best for Transaction Management
Best for Detailed Budgeting
Best for sản phẩm điện thoại Credit Management
Best for Adding Integrations
Best for Investment Tracking
Best for Monitoring và Analyzing Credit
How khổng lồ Connect Your bank Account lớn Personal Finance Software
Is Personal Finance Software Safe to lớn Use?
What Can You do With Transaction Data in Personal Finance Software?
Getting an Overview of Your Financial Picture With Personal Finance Software
Learning How to Budget With Personal Finance Software
Setting Financial Goals With Personal Finance Software
Big-Picture Planning With Personal Finance Software
Does Personal Finance Software Help You Pay Bills?
Can Personal Finance Software Boost Your Credit Score?
Can Personal Finance Software Show an Accurate Picture of Your Net Worth?
Managing Money on the Go With Personal Finance Software
Is Personal Finance Software Easy to Use?
What"s the Best Personal Finance Software?
Compare Specs: Our Picks Side by Side
Deeper Dive: Our đứng top Tested Picks


Best for Free, Automated Financial Tracking

4.5 Outstanding

Why We Picked It

Mint has been the gold standard for personal finance websites for years, thanks khổng lồ its simplicity, usability, and smart financial tools. It lets you connect lớn all your online finance accounts, check your credit score, create budgets, & get a good estimate of your net worth, among many other financial management tasks. Furthermore, Mint is free, so you can try it without obligation.

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Who It’s For

Mint is for everyone. Its ease of use, creative presentation of data và tools, & smart personal finance features help virtually everyone keep a close eye on their money. Mint lets you track & manage your income & spending, budgets, savings goals, & investments. It"s both simple và comprehensive, so it appeals to lớn both financial novices và seasoned money managers.


Free, fast, and easy Good use of automation and AI Simple budgeting tools Helpful notifications Tracks credit score Terrific điện thoại apps