Is your product lifecycle management (PLM) software helping you rapidly design and launch new products? Oracle Fusion Cloud PLM is a collaborative platform that helps you get your best ideas lớn market faster by standardizing & structuring the data & processes that go into innovating, developing, & commercializing products & services.

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Data sheet

Learn how Oracle Cloud PLM helps your supply chain và development teams unify processes & effectively manage data.

Read the PLM data sheet (PDF)

From idea to service on one cloud platform

Oracle Cloud PLM lets the data flow whenever and wherever a good idea happens lớn drive continuous innovation.

Watch how lớn innovate products faster (2:09)

Your guide khổng lồ modern PLM

Learn how cloud-based PLM software can break down data silos khổng lồ help support your business transformation.

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Oracle Fusion Cloud sản phẩm Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Learn how Oracle Cloud PLM accelerates innovation & new hàng hóa introductions by efficiently managing items, parts, products, documents, requirements, engineering change orders, and chất lượng workflows across globalized supply chains while seamlessly integrating lớn computer-aided kiến thiết (CAD) systems.

Innovation management
Product development
Quality management
Product master data management (MDM)Configurator modeling
Innovation management
Profitable innovations, faster

Drive faster, smarter innovation & ensure sustainable growth. Oracle Cloud PLM helps you maintain a profitable innovation pipeline fueled by a steady stream of the highest-value, on-target, và relevant ideas.

Ideate everywhere

Capture ideas from any source for new products, services, markets, or customer experiences. Evaluate each proposal across a 360-degree perspective of resource needs, assessed value, cost, và constraints.

Manage requirements and concepts

Document, prioritize, and agree on requirements leveraged in developing innovation concepts. Reuse existing items, trace requirements through design, and validate that each has been met lớn reduce new product introduction risks.

Build agility into innovation portfolios

Balance core, adjacent, và transformational innovation initiatives while aligning your resources, risk mitigation, and budgets. Use best-practice analysis khổng lồ select an innovation portfolio that achieves your strategic and profit objectives.

Product development
Rapidly develop & launch products

Gain faster, more efficient product development and launch processes by bridging traditional, disconnected engineering & manufacturing functions through streamlined management of an integrated enterprise sản phẩm record.

Minimize design cost

Gain complete visibility into your product(s) evolution by monitoring sản phẩm iterations. Get feedback sooner & avoid costly rework with more effective collaboration internally & with your thiết kế partners.

Reduce supply risks

Reduce supply risk and track part preferences for manufacturing throughout each stage of thiết kế by maintaining a single view of qualified parts & suppliers across the entire hàng hóa structure.

Accelerate change management

Effectively manage and mã sản phẩm change iterations with a collaborative change management process. Eliminate rework & compress cycle times by configuring defined workflows with the flexibility khổng lồ make changes if needed.

Enforce hàng hóa compliance

Enforce product compliance & proactively track changes throughout your product’s lifecycle so you can quickly adjust lớn changing global standards, efficiently manage engineering documentation, và design compliant-finished products.

Quality management
Closed-loop quality

Improve the productivity, quality, và profitability of your processes & products. Drive closed-loop unique processes through design, procurement, inventory, manufacturing, and field service to ensure rapid detection và resolution of chất lượng events.

Uncover data-driven insights

Make faster, more informed decisions và reduce risk with a predictive & connected 360-degree view of product unique across sản phẩm lifecycle and supply chain processes.

Integrated issue management

Drive greater efficiency with consistent controls of your quality processes. Capture, aggregate, & perform root-cause analysis on quality issues raised from sources including Io
T, field service, and incoming và work-in-process inspections.

Streamline preventative actions

Rapidly respond khổng lồ issues, prevent reoccurrence, và drive continuous improvement with closed-loop corrective action processes that are tightly integrated with your product development, enterprise change, document management, & inspection processes.

Centralized document management

Manage standard operating procedures và industry regulations with a single source of truth that integrates training, document management, & change control lớn drive operational consistency, compliance, process improvement, & audit readiness.

Product master data management (MDM)Product commercialization

Efficiently commercialize new products & services by sharing the right sản phẩm data required for your sales, marketing, supply chain, and ERP processes.

Item mastering

Keep your item master data clean and synchronized across applications, data pools, và partners with a best-practice hàng hóa information management (PIM) process & flexible attribution, change control, và native-governance capabilities.

Omnichannel commerce

Ensure that complete and consistent hàng hóa information is published across your sales channels while efficiently sharing trusted hàng hóa data across back-end SCM, ERP, & order fulfillment systems.

Integrated collaboration for external users

Automate & deliver continuous business-rule validations và verification of data khổng lồ allow global contract manufacturers & suppliers khổng lồ receive accurate information & authenticate the data they provide—no matter where they are located.

ERP migration & consolidation

Gain a single platform to centralize và consolidate product data—without disrupting ERP & supply chain operations. Oracle Cloud PLM can help you unify data from numerous ERP systems as a result of organic growth or a merger or acquisition.

Configurator modeling
Model complex products

Leverage a dynamic kiến thiết environment to build configurator models that deliver an intuitive user experience. Simplify the configuration of multioption, customizable products and services.

Simplify the sales process

Guide your customers to lớn the right—or optimal—products. Simplify the configuration process by adding high-level questions & tying the answers directly to lớn one or more option selections.

Optimize user experience

Build better user experiences by guiding your customers khổng lồ valid sản phẩm configurations. Use display condition rules và a variety of selection controls to lớn dynamically control how your nội dung is displayed in the user interface.

Apply templatized design

Quickly create the dynamic runtime user interface that best meets your needs by choosing from predefined user interface templates.

Simulate mã sản phẩm behavior

Design, build, và test business logic, model behavior, & overall user experience prior lớn release. When releasing new versions, you can leverage comprehensive impact analysis và validation checks to ensure quality.

PLM customer successes

Customers in diverse industries across the globe leverage Oracle Cloud PLM khổng lồ accelerate time lớn market, reduce costs, & improve sản phẩm quality.


Oracle Cloud PLM helps Broadcom manage complex product launches & get to market faster

Watch the clip (1:28)

PLM use cases

Connect your product value chain

Unifies processes—from capturing an idea through commercializing products and services—on a single data mã sản phẩm for faster decision-making.

Your guide khổng lồ modern sản phẩm Lifecycle Management (PLM) software (PDF)

Read about next-generation PLM (PDF)

Drive faster innovation to launch

Build a smarter innovation pipeline fueled by a steady stream of high-value ideas. Efficiently design, develop, & manage new hàng hóa introductions and engineering change requirements.

Learn 5 strategies for faster new hàng hóa development and innovation

View the transformation of sản phẩm design report (PDF)

Harmonize sản phẩm data

Leverage a single enterprise sản phẩm record that spans all applications lớn provide the velocity và resiliency needed to tư vấn today’s complex business transformations.

Read the analyst commentary: Weaving the Digital Thread: Oracle’s Enterprise hàng hóa Record

View the hàng hóa MDM infographic (PDF)

Reduce the cost of quality

Drive closed-loop unique management lớn make successful, high-speed decisions with real-time transparency và traceable information.

Learn how lớn reduce the cost of quality

Watch how companies are transforming manufacturing and unique across the supply chain

Leverage the latest technology

Get immediate value from built-in predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (MI), Io
T, và digital assistance that work together lớn create digital twins và turn data into insights.

Read how Oracle combines PLM & Io
T lớn create digital twins and tie the digital thread

The Oracle PLM to Cloud Strategy

Kirk Carlsen, Director of PLM sản phẩm Marketing, Oracle

New technologies, products, services, and business models, such as product-as-a-service (Paa
S), are evolving fast. Sản phẩm lifecycle management (PLM) software needs lớn be able lớn adapt these changes and tư vấn your growth & sustainability initiatives. In this blog, you’ll learn how Oracle Cloud PLM leverages built-in advanced technologies such as analytics, Io
T, AI, & MI, to lớn deliver digital twin & digital thread capabilities & connect PLM, ERP, SCM, planning, manufacturing, maintenance, Io
T, và customer experience to help you drive faster, smarter innovations so you can outpace change.

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Making sure that your entire company is on the same page when it comes to hàng hóa design is pretty tricky. Cloud PLM software is a great way to stop communication and process errors in their tracks. These solutions provide heightened visibility & workflow checklists lớn ensure everything is done right the first time. An example of how these programs can be used is by allowing different teams khổng lồ approve sản phẩm designs. This means that if the financial team doesn’t sign off on the cost of a design’s material, the production team would then move on lớn developing a danh sách of substitutes that could be used instead.

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Developing new products is incredibly important khổng lồ the longevity of a company, which is why product lifecycle management solutions help manage this process from the ideation phase khổng lồ the time an thành tựu is offered for sale. These systems include functionality for easy document sharing, tư vấn for CAD, and automated notifications, among dozens of other features that vary from vendor to vendor. Deployment method also varies with different solutions, though many companies are opting for cloud PLM due lớn its high accessibility. In this article, we’ll explore the best cloud PLM software programs on the market today, along with some of the benefits và features of these systems.

What is Cloud PLM Software?

Cloud PLM software is a tool for managing product lifecycles at any time and from any location. These programs can help users keep track of new designs và iterations. They can also improve transparency và communication among internal teams. Think about it: how many times has a message gotten lost or misconstrued across your company? This software aims khổng lồ alleviate these issues through change management functionality và approval processes. With your PLM system available on the go, you can approve the use of different materials, request more information on hàng hóa specs, và more from your điện thoại phone, tablet or laptop.

Cloud-Based vs. On-Site Solutions

The two most common types of software deployments are cloud-based & on-site installation. So, what are the differences between these methodologies that will affect your business? Good question. One of the main aspects to consider is the màn chơi of accessibility your employees will need from a program. With cloud-based software, users can access the system from any location & at any time (as long as there’s an internet connection). Some solutions even enable administrators lớn restrict access lớn select geographic locations & hotspots.

Yes, cloud deployment sounds great, but why vì some companies still opt for on-premise installation? One of the main reasons for on-site deployments is due lớn data sensitivity. Having physical control over all of the information stored in a system might be a better option for companies that khuyễn mãi giảm giá with classified data. With cloud-based products, data is stored off-site & is managed by the vendor, so choosing a trusted system is extremely important if going for this deployment option. Cloud PLM vendors vì provide advanced security measures, but specific functionality varies by solution, making this element one of the major factors lớn consider when selecting a vendor and deployment method.

Common Features

There are a few basic features lớn consider when selecting a cloud PLM solution. Availability of these functions varies from vendor to vendor, so you’ll want lớn keep a mental chú ý of these basic components to lớn make sure the solution you go with offers everything that you need to succeed.

BOM Management
Manufacturing product Management
Product Regulation và Governance
Project và Component Maintenance
Quality & Compliance
Supply Chain Analysis
Workflow & Change Management
Collaboration và Reporting

Industry Usage

Product lifecycle management software is an effective solution for companies in a variety of business sectors. Here are some of the industries where the use of a cloud PLM system is most common:


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Best Cloud PLM Software

Our team of experts analyzed all of the cloud PLM software options on the market today to come up with a danh sách of the best solutions available now. Here are the programs that came out on top.

Arena PLM


Arena PLM is a cloud-based solution that’s well-suited for businesses in the engineering and manufacturing industries. Some other sectors that this system serves include electronics, technology, industrial, life sciences, transportation and consumer products. The program gives users visibility of the entire product design lifecycle, from ideation to over of life. Aspects such as data, people, business systems and processes can be integrated through the program so that you can analyze the supply chain and keep abreast of developments as they occur. Some of the specific features included in the solution are project data, bill of materials data, compliance data, chất lượng management, collaboration and demand analysis.


This solution enables you lớn manage BOM by importing, exporting & creating elements such as drawings, components & documentation. A hierarchical multi-level assembly structure is included to make the management of hàng hóa information simpler. The program also provides collaboration features, which provide relevant parties such as partners and suppliers with secure access to product details. The document management module in Arena PLM gives users centralized access to lớn documents to aid in sharing, storing và tracking. Users can access specifications, sản phẩm drawings và changes from this location. Products can also be reviewed with the item’s entire record and related processes at đứng đầu of mind, ensuring that designs are efficient.


BOM Intelligence: Arena PLM uses electronic component database information to lớn develop in-product mashups, which are imported directly to the system’s BOM view. This enables employees to lớn see the availability of different materials from suppliers in addition lớn risk status & BOM health.

Issue Management: This feature allows employees khổng lồ conduct issue and defect management for hardware, software, electrical aspects và firmware. This is done using quality process actions, requirements, project efforts and product record.

Regulatory and Compliance: The regulatory and compliance tool includes access khổng lồ the product record, electronic component market availability and the visualization of important compliance information. This ensures that all products are built “up to code,” per regulatory and stakeholder standards.

Product Record Control: The system contains a centralized record of products that includes Bills of Materials, items, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Approved Manufacturer menu (AML), documentation & packaging.

Demand Analysis: Users can look at component costs from the aggregated level and the component màn chơi through this tool. Product demand can also be estimated in the program, and deals can be negotiated with suppliers using price-based volumes. OEMs can, in turn, aggregate part demand & granular component level. Drill-down analysis is supported in the program and can be used for products such as capacitors, plastics and resistors. A demand aggregation calculator và volume discount assessment tool are included as well.

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Visual Representation of KPIs: Arena PLM provides visualization of KPIs khổng lồ make sure that new product introduction (NPI) processes are successful.