Cloud computing enables companies khổng lồ store, manage & process data over cloud-enabled platforms providing flexibility, scalability và connectivity. Different models of cloud computing when implemented correctly help businesses with digital transformation, efficiency & growth. However, when connected with Io
T, the cloud enables things that’s never seen before making business thrive at a faster rate.

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There are several cloud services và solutions playing numerous roles in an Io
T environment. Some of the cloud computing services have inbuilt capabilities of machine learning, business intelligence tools và SQL engines khổng lồ perform complex tasks required of Io
T. But, let us understand how these cloud services benefit the Io
T ecosystem in this article.

What is the role of Cloud computing in Io
T ?

1. Enables remote computing capabilities:

With a large storage capacity, Io
T eliminates the dependencies on on-site infrastructure. With continued development & internet-based tech development such as the internet và devices supporting advanced cloud solutions, cloud giải pháp công nghệ has become mainstream. Packed with Io
T, cloud solutions provides enterprises with the capability khổng lồ access remote computing services with a single click or command.

2. Security và Privacy:

Tasks can be handled automatically with cloud tech và Io
T, organizations are able lớn reduce security threats by a considerable amount. A cloud tech-enabled with Io
T is a solution that provides preventive, detective và corrective control. With effective authentication & encryption protocols, it also provides users with strong security measures. Protocols such as biometrics in Io
T products help manage as well as safeguard user identities along with data.

3. Data Integration:

Current tech developments have not only integrated Io
T and cloud smoothly but also provide real-time connectivity & communication. This in turn makes the extraction of real-time information about key business processes & performing on-spot data integration with 24/7 connectivity easy. Cloud-based solutions with powerful data integration capabilities are able to handle a large amount of data generated from multiple sources along with its centralized storage, processing and analysis.

4. Minimal Hardware Dependency:

Presently, several Io
T solutions offer plug-and-play hosting services that are enabled by integrating the cloud with the Io
T. With cloud-enabled, Io
T hosting providers need not rely on any kind of hardware or equipment to support the agility required by Io
T devices. It has become easy for organizations lớn implement large scale Io
T strategies seamlessly across platforms and move khổng lồ omnichannel communication.

5. Business Continuity:

Known for their agility and reliability, cloud computing solutions are able khổng lồ provide business continuity in case of any emergency, data loss or disaster. Cloud services operate via a network of data servers located in multiple geographical locations storing multiple copies of data backup. In case of any emergency, Io
T based operations continue to lớn work và data recovery becomes easy.

6. Communication Between Multiple Devices & Touchpoint:

T devices and services need to connect with each other & communicate to lớn perform tasks that are enabled using cloud solutions. By supporting several robust APIs, cloud & Io
T is able khổng lồ interact amongst themselves and connected devices. Having a cloud supported communication helps fasten the interaction happen seamlessly.

7. Response Time và Data Processing:

Edge computing combined with Io
T solutions
usually shortens response time & speeds up data processing capabilities. It requires the deployment of Io
T with cloud computing & edge computing solutions for maximum utilization.

Though cloud computing services can accelerate the growth of Io
T, there are certain challenges in deploying these services successfully. The combination of Io
T and cloud presents a few obstacles that need khổng lồ be handled beforehand.

What are the challenges the Cloud và Io
T brings together?

1. Large Amount of Data:

Processing a large amount of data can be tiring and overwhelming, especially with countless devices working at multiple touchpoints. This can threaten the overall performance of the application. Therefore constant monitoring of the system & data backup is advised.

2. Network và Communication Protocol:

Cloud & Io
T devices involve multiple touchpoint communication using numerous protocols. Since it is an internet-dependent service, it is difficult lớn manage the change sometimes. Internet accessibility using wi-fi & mobile mạng internet can help resolve any challenges faced due khổng lồ connectivity issues in such situations.

3. Sensor Network:

Sensor network allows users to lớn process & understand the Io
T environment and amplifies the benefit of Io
T. But, processing larger chunks of data regularly is a major challenge faced by these networks.


Integration of Io
T and cloud computing solutions is the future of the internet và is currently solving several business obstacles along with opening new avenues in business & research. New applications và services are being developed at each step khổng lồ resolve the existing challenges. Cloud và Io
T have a long road to lớn cover to unlock their true potential in the future.

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Ops and Managed Services, Rapyder is the leading provider of Strategic Cloud Consulting that can enable seamless, secure và scalable cloud communication for your business.

In an Io
T deployment of significant complexity, the ecosystem is usually cloud-based. Cloud computing encompasses the following characteristics that sets it apart from distributed computing technologies:

Ability to lớn scale up and down
Utility based pay-as-you-go model
Provision of self-service
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)Performance measurement

Reduced capital expensesbusiness agility are some of the main business drivers behind the rapid adoption of Io
T cloud application by industries and enterprises.

With industry experience spanning 13+ years, has been at the forefront in the deployment of secure Io
T solutions with cloud computing
at the core.


An Io
T cloud hosts the following essential components:

T Cloud Application
, loaded with APIs & other interfaces, to lớn push và pull the data/commands to & from the Io
T sensor nodes/devices and downstream applications.Io
T Integration Middleware
, such as an MQTT Cluster, that receives information from the sensors và transmits it khổng lồ the cloud services for processing. The MQTT broker ensures that there is no data loss and establishes asynchronous communication between Io
T devices and cloud services.Databases, Security Patches and other Software/Algorithms to lớn provide the necessary infrastructure.Analytics Engine – Relational Databases, Machine Learning and AI software algorithms.Integration with Io
T based mobile/web/desktop applications
or downstream Business Intelligence apps.

T Sensor Nodes & Cloud Interfaces Development

Secure and robust communication interface development between Io
T devices và cloud using MQTT, Co
AP, AMQP, Websocket, etc.Connectivity of Io
T device is continuously monitored by the Io
T Cloud Application. It also alerts end-users of connectivity issues and suggests resolutions.Implementation of secure handshake mechanism for communication/data transfer between Io
T sensor nodes/devices and cloud services.


End-user Io
T Application development

End-User Role Management – A user accesses only the assigned Io
T sensor nodes/devices after successful login. End-users are defined with respect khổng lồ roles and responsibilities which are maintained và managed by the Io
T Cloud Application.Io
T Device Management
– Io
T device identity is created và stored in the cloud and is mapped lớn respective users khổng lồ avoid unauthorised access.Io
T mobile App/ website Application
– Device parameters, status và processes stored in the Io
T cloud can be accessed, monitored và controlled by end-users through Mobile/Web/Desktop applications.


Database Design and Data Management

Robust database design & architecture (relational/non-relational) ensuring no data loss.Database optimisation khổng lồ manage scalability và voluminous data.Storage and management of all Io
T device data for real-time monitoring of the deployed devices.


Analytics và Reporting

Development of intuitive mobile, web & desktop applications for monitoring/managing the connected devices.Development và integration of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms with the Io
T cloud as per the business requirements.Enable Io
T Cloud Application to process historical data in order khổng lồ predict the device’s behaviour và identify patterns for predictive maintenance, asset utilization or other business applications.Support for customized text-based and graphical reports for analysis và monitoring.

Database design Matters
Consult your Io
T platform development partner khổng lồ understand the scale of the project, i.e., the number of Io
T sensor nodes or devices that needs to be deployed, the volume of data, criticality of data, business intelligence requirements, etc.Your Io
T Cloud Application development partner should kiến thiết databases lớn optimize data management.
Server Scaling & Application Cloning
Analyse và anticipate the current and future number of end-users of your Io
T Application.Set-up ramp-up/ramp-down of Cloud vps bandwidth based on traffic, i.e., Auto-scaling using AWS- EC2.Implement Io
T Cloud Application Cloning to avoid system overload due lớn increased traffic.
T Cloud Application Security
Enable TLS/SSL certificate: This will ensure that hackers are not able to lớn establish remote access of Io
T devices/nodes even if they sniff the Io
T network packets.Ensure that your Io
T Cloud Application development partner implements the encryption & decryption of the data packets lớn protect against data tempering at the network level.

Cloud Database thiết kế Considerations – Points to lớn Note

Implement a secure protocol between the Io
T device & the cloud platform lớn ensure that there is no data loss.Based on use case, you can develop machine learning algorithms for time series analysis of data and report generation. These specifics should be identified during the database design phase.Determine the length of time the collected data needs to be stored. This is a crucial aspect khổng lồ be considered when designing the database.Incorporate No SQL database for improved scalability and superior performance. If there is a requirement to collect data on device stage changes, SQL database is more reliable.

Sagar heads the Io
T Business Unit at He has an innate ability khổng lồ forge long-lasting relationships with customers for the realisation of their business goals.

His ability to strategise and motivate the team in developing cutting-edge Io
T business solutions makes him an exemplary leader.

Vidya Sagar Jampani, Business Unit Head (Io

(The Master of all ‘Io
T Trades’!)


Suhas has over 25 years of experience in Embedded Engineering và Software Development. He is well-known, among his peers và customers for his ability to lớn ensure timely delivery of Io
T projects.

He has been instrumental in the successful completion of some very challenging & large-scale Io
T projects at

Suhas Tanawade, Senior Delivery and Account Manger, Io

Ans. After developing an in-depth understanding of the problem statement & project requirements, we partner with our customers based on the following engagement models:

Fixed Cost Model: The Development & Deployment of Io
T cloud application is done based on a pre-agreed fixed cost.Time & Material (T&M): The billing for development and deployment of the application is calculated based on the estimated number of man-hours, & infrastructure costs.Post-deployment support: We also engage with our customers for 24×7 post-deployment support. This can include the following:Support for post-production issues , the change requests (CR), feature enhancement requests, and software/security patch updates.24*7 monitoring and maintenance of the system.

Ans. Our Cloud Application Solution for Io
T projects is designed based on a multi-level security approach that includes:

Device Side Security: This is ensured through Root CA (Client Authentication) certificate that helps in verifying the source before any network connection is established between the server and any Io
T device.In addition lớn this, device IDs’ of each device are matched against an authentication device list, which is maintained by the hệ thống to ensure that only trusted devices get access to the data.

Cloud/Server Side Security: This is implemented using the Role Based vps Access management. This helps in streamlining the vps data access based on user’s role and corresponding permission levels.

Network Security: Each interaction between the cloud & an Io
T device within the network is secured using advanced encryption mechanisms ( SSL, HTTPS).

Ans.Yes. Based on your business requirements, we can configure our Io
T Cloud Application lớn store và process data for pattern learning, anomaly detection and more. Our team can help you in integrating advanced business intelligence dashboards and tools like Power BI, and Amazon Quicksight.

Additionally, we also offer tư vấn for generating real-time reports in various file formats including PDF, Excel, or CSV.

Q4. Does your Cloud Application solution offer scalability to support our future business requirements?

Ans. Our Io
T Cloud Application solution is designed to lớn cater to lớn any future increase in number of connected devices as well as an increase in the data volume.

Usually, this is achieved by creating multiple instances of the database in a distributed environment, that helps in balancing the increase in load.

Additionally, we can also store the data in a non-relational database like No
SQL DBMS. A non-relational database uses a schema-less data management architecture which makes it easy to scale-up based on the business requirement.

Ans. Typically, a team developing Io
T cloud application for Io
T projects should have the following skillsets:

Software skills like expertise in Python Scripting
Cloud Platform development expertise
Experience in DBMSExpertise in Io
T communication protocols lượt thích MQTT, Co
AP, HTTPSExpertise in Cloud security management
Front –end UI/UX Design và Development Skills
Hands-on experience in Software Testing
FrameworkTechnology Type
FrontendHTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Ajax, High
Scripting LanguagePython, C#.Net
Web FrameworkPython Based Django framework
Web serverNginx, Microsoft IIS, Apache
SQL, Maria
DB, My
Cryptographic protocolsTLS/SSL
Security Services/ EncryptionHTTP and/or HTTPS
Communication ProtocolMQTT

Q7. What are the benefits of migrating the Io
T application from physical enterprise hệ thống to a cloud server?

Ans. The following are some of the business benefits:

When an Io
T Application is hosted on a Cloud Server, your team will have the flexibility lớn manage the devices and the data from a remote location through a secure authentication process. This helps in enhancing the response time khổng lồ any issue that needs immediate attention.Moving your application lớn the cloud offers scalability, which is limited when you are using a dedicated server. The pay-per-use business mã sản phẩm of a cloud based server also ensures that a ramp-up doesn’t impact the bottom-line of the project.You can leverage cloud based tools và APIs that can help to optimize and improve the overall performance and simplify operations.
Business Challenge:

Our client – a global healthcare technology company envisioned a mobile app solution for managing different medical conditions.

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Objectives of this product:

Help patients to lớn take lifestyle & food related decisions, based on the captured vital data, most suitable for their existing condition
To track & monitor a variety of toàn thân parameters and reach out to lớn healthcare professionals for guidance and sharing of Solution:

Our experienced team of healthcare mobile app developers collaborated with the client to design & develop an Android-based solution

This android mobile application has been designed to tư vấn following features

Medication related logs Symptoms-related logs Tracking và monitoring of vital body parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and other condition specific parameters Monitoring of user activity such as number of steps walked, number of flights climbed Sleep quality monitoring Mood monitoring & analysis Nutrition tracking by integration with third tiệc ngọt server for data/informationTools & Technology: game android SDKIDE : game android Studio
Third tiệc nhỏ Libraries suggested và /or provided by client for Database Support, Background operations
Third các buổi tiệc nhỏ Servers integration: Fit
Bit, Jawbone, Withings & Nutrition related data server
Third tiệc nhỏ API integrations: Google-Fit

Business Challenge: Our client, one of India’s largest Independent nguồn Producers (IPP) in renewable energy had a mandate khổng lồ improve the efficiency of their existing solar power xuất hiện field implementations. Solution:

T platform development for network of solar trackers:

Our hardware thiết kế ensured that a network of eight solar trackers can be integrated on a single hardware board

(SCADA)Supervisory Control và Data Acquisition Solution Development:

The designed SCADA solution ensured remote monitoring of the positions and advanced system health conditions of all the solar tracking systems khổng lồ provide data analytics và reporting. This SCADA solution was developed lớn co-exist in a remote system that will continuously monitor multiple fields consisting of several masters và their respective slave trackers.Tools và Technologies:Or
CAD design tools for schema development, Hyper
Lynx– Signal Integrity, power nguồn Integrity, & Thermal Analysis
Atmel Linux development tool for the master board và Xpresso Eclipse IDE plugin for the tracker boards
Bus over RS-485- Mod
Bus Stack in Master mode from Silas
QT framework for PC-Application và ATSDjango scripting for SCADA solution development
For Io
T platform communications – MQTT protocol for all data transfers from the trackers lớn the SCADA. SCADA solution also used MQTT protocol for monitoring each tracker